About Auto-IT

Auto-IT Pty Ltd, with its head office in Australia, develops and markets retail dealer management systems, servicing the automotive, trucking, agriculture and construction equipment industries.

The company was formed in 2000 as a result of a merger between two respected dealer management software system suppliers, KGM Management and Newmans Information Services - both veterans of the DMS industry for more than 30 years. Auto-IT employs 80 staff and is one of the two largest dealer management system suppliers in Australasia.

Our experienced staff have been hand-picked from the best available in the Information Technology and Retail Dealership industries. Most have worked in dealerships in a variety of roles, as well as in IT, software development, finance and management positions.


Our clients’ success during the past 30 years has helped to drive our own business growth. Thousands of users employ our software systems in locations as wide apart as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Fiji, South Africa, Thailand and Mexico.

In South Africa we have a strong team of committed individuals with real world dealership experience. Our staff have held Financial Controller, Service Manager and Parts Manager positions within large franchised dealerships, providing an unparalleled solution. This knowledge and insight allows the team to clearly understand the financial reporting and other key requirements of a dealership.


Auto-IT South Africa

Media Release


AKNT granted rights to trade under Auto I.T. brand in South Africa

Auto I.T. is pleased to announce that it has today granted its South African channel partner AKNT Technologies (Pty) Ltd the rights to trade under the Auto I.T. brand in that country.
From 1 September 2010, AKNT Technologies will trade as Auto I.T. South Africa, further cementing the three-year partnership and demonstrating to AKNT customers the future security of the brand in South Africa and the commitment of Auto I.T. to remain active in the dealer management system market there.
Ken Fife, Auto I.T. chief executive officer, said “This agreement has come about due to AKNT’s great relationship with us and the professional way it has handled its channel obligations and representation of our brand in South Africa. It signals a welcome expansion of the Auto I.T. name into a new international market, and follows successful export contracts already established in North America, Mexico, Malaysia and Russia.”
“AKNT and its customers will benefit through the association with our company, as an internationally-recognised, stable brand, which is committed to servicing their ongoing needs.”
AKNT has operated as the channel partner in South Africa for Auto I.T. since June 2007.
About Auto I.T.
Auto I.T. specialises in developing and marketing retail dealer management systems that service the automotive, trucking, agriculture and construction equipment industries. These systems enable users to run their dealerships more efficiently by integrating the sales, servicing, inventory management, accounting, customer relationship management and operations functions, while also offering ‘real time’ reporting. Auto I.T. operates from its head office in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur and New Zealand and channel partners in South Africa. The company has further plans for international expansion into South America, South East Asia and Europe through partnership agreements with local providers.

Ken Fife, Chief Executive Officer, Auto I.T. Pty Ltd
Tel: 03 9349 3062 kenfife@auto-it.com.au
5 August 2010

Our Products

Auto-IT’s core product range consists of two Windows® based programs:

Windows® based UNITS® Windows® based EQUIP®
Tailored to the needs of large retail automotive dealers. Specifically designed to cater to the needs of large retail dealers in the Trucking, Agriculture and Construction industries.



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Honesty and integrity
We will abide by our code of ethics in all our dealings with our customers and with each other. We will be honest and truthful in all our dealings at all times.

We will treat our customers and each other with respect. This means listening to their opinions and accepting the right of others to hold differing views.

We will treat customers and staff at all times in a fair and equitable manner.


We develop and support innovative Dealer Management Solutions for the Automotive, Agricultural, Trucking and Construction Equipment industries. These systems are designed to improve the experience of customers in our clients’ businesses and to maximize our dealers’ productivity and profits.


Auto-IT will be the number one DMS supplier in terms of market share, or market share growth, in every market in which we choose to compete.
The success of our customers will be the ultimate measure of the uncompromising quest for excellence by all our people.


To be independently rated number 1 for customer satisfaction, in all markets in which we choose to compete.


We will be scrupulously honest with clients, suppliers and trading partners.
We will never “undersell” a system and add fees and charges later.
We will not misrepresent our product and what it can do.
We will not mislead or confuse others with technical jargon.
We will not denigrate the competition.
We will disclose any potential conflict of interest to our trading partners.
We will maintain the confidentiality of our clients and their information.
We will work hard to keep our promises and never make promises we can’t keep.

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